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passing leadership

On 13th of October and somewhat overdue, I passed Damage Inc org leadership from my enforcer Havock over to one of our very social, newer generation members: Cymi. Our martial artists exclusive Red Tigers leadership was passed from my martial artist Qiquan to one of our two available veteran tiger options: with Martialfists slightly more active than Cracknell, he now holds the presidency over the redcoats. While I personally would hope to see the same president hold both orgs again, I believe I was the first tiger to lead both of them simultaneously, so one could say that things are back to the old ways. This concludes my 3 (or 5, if you want to count from my first, much shorter leadership period) years as active leader of one of the oldest unique organisations in Anarchy Online. We made a lot of plans and saw through most of them with all the fantastic guys and gals I had the fortune to meet over these years. It is in part thanks to them I've taken the bother to make this detailed newspiece about the event, for I want to publicly thank all of the smart and resilient players world-wide who found their home in Red Tigers and put up with me for so long :) Some of whom have already moved on now to new homes, or fallen over the edge of Rubi Ka, no doubt to be aggroed and eaten by the beast that is RL. Few names for the shoutout of a much larger bunch would include Mimai, Funkitup, Docetta, McMud (2011 period); Cymi, Shooshu, Aya, Kaphtorim, Atrosity, Clevergoat, Althaia, Pasce, Deugh, Trib, KC, Rox, Dev, Sun.. and list goes on and on. To be fair towards those that were not named, I wanted to really just highlight few of the fantastic players that we've since lost contact of, but then added more names because they all helped make this org what it has been: a wonderful online home for banter and slaughter. I also have to thank the veterans from the 10 (!) previous years, that helped us along, or found their way back to the fold. I feel I also have to make a separate shoutout to Footer from TRB for being responsible for mediating many successful alliance events, in particular the joint S42 raids that we've now been doing weekly for just over a year.

As the title leads in, the king is dead and long live the queen Cymi!

In this little news update from the Red Tigers we'll look at our recent successes and trends, as well as spend some time looking at the pay to win model that our dear developers seem to nurture in the game.

It has been a while since the last newspiece, about 21 sector 42s from then. Our guys and gals have made the effort to be there on time every week and 13 of the s42 raids have been successful. Even though our org has wiped spectacularly only once, we've lacked the numbers to freely spare for our partners' side. An org can dream of doing s42 alone, but doing it even with two orgs and handling 1.5 to 2 sides would be an accomplishment more within the reaches of Rubi Ka activity levels. Something for us to strive to.

On Saturday 14th of November, Red Tigers partook in an allied/joint Sector42 raid in the APFs. It has been some five years since Red Tigers last participated in s42 raids as an org, and the first time in its history that we've held our own side. The stakes were high and the excitement even higher.

Raid Autumn '15

Summer makes way for Autumn and the Red Tigers are two months away from our 14th birthday. Those with a sense of humour might say that we are well into our teens, but in mmorpg world we need to count differently, or at least in dog years. Or in tiger years. It has been little under two years since the very active recruitment campaign and activity rebuilding process was re-initiated in our guild, our successes and trials a testimony of our endurance and that of the old game. Has there been anything newsworthy in that time? Plenty. It is just that the focus has been on the actual game activity rather than on a fancy webpage which, of course, is coming along at its pace :)