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Raid Autumn '15

Summer makes way for Autumn and the Red Tigers are two months away from our 14th birthday. Those with a sense of humour might say that we are well into our teens, but in mmorpg world we need to count differently, or at least in dog years. Or in tiger years. It has been little under two years since the very active recruitment campaign and activity rebuilding process was re-initiated in our guild, our successes and trials a testimony of our endurance and that of the old game. Has there been anything newsworthy in that time? Plenty. It is just that the focus has been on the actual game activity rather than on a fancy webpage which, of course, is coming along at its pace :)

As a result of successful recruitment and bonding, the Red Tigers are completely self-sufficient in all normal-raid APFs, LoX content, Pandemonium encounters, all DBs and other obvious raid content. Numbers for raid content are generally around 12, fluctuating significantly depending on season and funcom offers. While it has been a joy to see over 20 members online simultaneously, loosing new friends as fast as one can make them in AO represents a constant grief. Through this flow of joining and disappearing members a real camaraderie between the active players is easily forged, in no small part thanks to the very active voice chat usage as well.

The recruitment in Red Tigers is entirely focused on the individual as well as the teamwork capacity, and regardless of amount of experience they are warmly accepted into the feline family, thus becoming part of the Team; as opposed to much more loosely formed zerg parties or strictly hierarchy based guilds. While there has been a small number of players that have been looking for easy loot, and even smaller number of players that have been looking for drama, overall this recruitment strategy can be considered a success perhaps beyond optimistic estimates.

Aside larger concepts like unity and honour that the Tigers closely identify themselves with, the general lifestyle and priorities in the guild have always gone with the times from rk mishes and mercs to rp and pvp, depending on the current leader and era. Currently we hope to cover both our forte PVM but also RP and PVP. It is precisely PVP where some of the freshest news can be now reported: Red Tigers and DI has increased number of members somewhat active in PVP around 10X. Or, to throw the statistics out of the window and look at the situation as-is, we have gone from next-to-none to more-than-a-team of active pvp-capable members. The progress in this area of our interests has been so quick that I believe most of us are dumbfounded. Two teams worth of active pvp-capable members should be the near future goal, whilst maintaining our pvm capabilities and schedules.

Voice chat is considered perhaps normal in many online games, but the level of activity that the Red Tigers use it at represents an entirely newsworthy topic. Provided by the veteran tiger Khodorkov, we populate the teamspeak server daily with 6-8 speaking members - number increasing depending on season - but the real number of teamspeak using red tigers has gone over the 30 mark while ago. Obviously, we never force any of our friends in the guild to use it, and overcoming the shyness is a monster that every individual will choose to slay on their preferred terms.

We hold our allies dear and have observed the changes in Wen-Tzu Enclave and The Red Brotherhood with both concern and joy. When it comes to content where we have to - or want to - push numbers, we are only as strong as our allies are, and thus their well-being is our well-being. We salute the new TRB president Rosss, may he guide our red brethren down a path of prosperity and victories.