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On Saturday 14th of November, Red Tigers partook in an allied/joint Sector42 raid in the APFs. It has been some five years since Red Tigers last participated in s42 raids as an org, and the first time in its history that we've held our own side. The stakes were high and the excitement even higher.

s42 gatheringTwo weeks in planning, it was thanks to Footerdoc from TRB that the events were finally pushed into motion, leading to a perfect s42 raid. In last days of October he contacted me to discuss his idea of doing allied raid, we quickly established that both our allies The Red Brotherhood as well as the Red Tigers should each be able to manage one side without problems, the only tricky part was figuring out who would take the third side. Over the months activity has gone both ways for our two active allied orgs, sometimes making it realistic for one org to take two sides, other months making the efforts to gather people even for one side a taunting challenge. Due to his close connections with Komodo, it was natural that Footer would involve them, however, we deemed it risky to attempt the raid with just RT, TRB, and Komodo. Since in the previous months someone from Alpha Omega contacted us at our org spot with a very sudden suggestion of doing s42, my thoughts turned to them for this event and our raid yesterday would prove that our decisions were made right. Komodo managed to bring some support while Priest from AO brought an entire raid capable of doing a side without problems. Footer's Komodo friends joined TRB side North, AO and their friends took West, and RT went with East. All in all a beautiful friends-only s42 where all labor and loot is shared between acquaintances.

Two weeks of advertising was another aspect of planning that proved to be of great help: I believe we managed to notify our entire active roster in that time. The turn-out however was significantly smaller than the optimistic estimates would have had us hope, leading us into s42 without some of our strongest veterans. All in all we were missing some 5+ members with another 2 taking a break from the game just week before. One can not expect ideal activity rates for a scheduled game event as weekends are often spent with family and friends, but it did take some effort to get our motivation up with the 8 people that did show. Most of us logged their strongest characters, with me being dualed on our only tank and crat, thanks to Aya we got an experienced soldier in team just minutes before stepping; Kaphtorim's keeper both did the usual great deal of damage as well as kept us alive with blockers and auras. We got lucky to have the bit sickly Alta log on, providing main doc for the raid along with Pasce's T2 additional heals. Sun had prepared great deal for the upcoming s42, and while couple levels lower he has already proven in other raids that this fixer is by no means weaker. Deugh on main fixer, of course, and along with help from Sun he was likely the main reason we did not wipe. Bear's engi is one of our top dds and while he would have no doubt wished to kill the AC with his bear hands, we opted to approach the fight routinely. Also, erklärbär suddenly filling our moniters with broken ascii likely provided a boost to our spirit that is well beyond the capabilities of a normal engi.

Field MarshalWe had no casualties during the raid and no particular threat at any point, although we did begin to get respawns at the fence and made the right decision to push forward. As AO brought 3-team raid composed of various likely allied or otherwise affiliated tags, West was assigned to them, and with Kaphtorim voicing his experience with East and Blanky very interested in North, the remaining sides were decided very naturally as well. Although we did end up tanking 2 bosses, getting to the end through East was likely easier for our small numbers than, say, West. TRB had some 2+1 teams as well, and it wouldn't really surprise anyone if Ross was at some point capable of soloing the entire sector :)

East Artillery CommanderDue to smaller numbers we were last to pre-kill the first tower set, spending lot of time on adds, the wait time luckily was not significant and we were predominantly ranged. Sides were smoothly coordinated on redsraid with me, blanky and priest reporting status. AP were reporting to lack some ranged and I can definitely see Priest's MA solo-killing the tower in the minds eye. TRB had some casualties, loosing enfo tank at some point, but luckily for all 3 raidgroups their soldier did a great job and we all had a chance to fight the main boss. In spite of fighting 2 bosses, RT in the East was first to pre-kill the second tower, which worked out perfectly since several of our guys needed short afk breaks. They all returned to pc just as AO and then TRB mentioned being ready for count down. Having main doc afk was a bit scary for my poor nano enfo, and another needed a several minute break to take care of some RL things. I believe that this lucky break also contributed to stress-free final battle that, well, was a little underwhelming when teamed with such strong players.
Pasce won the Alien Combat Directive Controller plans and safely looted it before our fixers could ninja-meep us, Deugh got VLRS and I believe it was Kaph who got lavaboots part. We raffled yesdrops at our org tree, with the ever popular supple leadbots going to Kaphy and myself pocketing some strongbots. There was also some enduring and observant being rolled, along with the usual nano cubes that due to our weekly green Saturdays were not the hottest merchandise on the market.

In summary one can safely say that this was the smoothest, smallest Sector 42 raid that any of us have taken part in, going brilliantly to a point of being boring. Tigers have come a long way building our strength and when cooperating with friends for very large content we have an opportunity to show what we are made of. Naturally, we were all still in a bit of a daze well after the raid was over :)
Thank you very much to all that made it to this raid on time or made time for it, this goes for our org and our allies and AO friends all. We look forward to next week.