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In this little news update from the Red Tigers we'll look at our recent successes and trends, as well as spend some time looking at the pay to win model that our dear developers seem to nurture in the game.

It has been a while since the last newspiece, about 21 sector 42s from then. Our guys and gals have made the effort to be there on time every week and 13 of the s42 raids have been successful. Even though our org has wiped spectacularly only once, we've lacked the numbers to freely spare for our partners' side. An org can dream of doing s42 alone, but doing it even with two orgs and handling 1.5 to 2 sides would be an accomplishment more within the reaches of Rubi Ka activity levels. Something for us to strive to.


Christmas brought new content and time has been spent on learning Pyramid raid with several generations of Tigers, as well as find ways to succeed in now-patched Collector. While we attempt to raid something every day, I've finally reassigned a day for other 3 endgame APFs. While perhaps not entirely necessary, when it comes to thinking what we do on any given day then past has shown that chopping up more vegetables is not necessarily first in the priority lists, so a set day should help make sure we always have the parts from there, too :)

Recruitment has been sporadic, with at times adding 4-5 new tigers to our roster over a matter of couple days and calling for a recruitment pause so that we may get to know everybody properly, other times weeks pass without a new member. We look for smart and sociable players comfortable in the mmo environment. Even though we make no restrictions to player's experience, finding suitable members is quite a difficult task in today's game. Predictably, most of our wonderful new members have joined from older inactive orgs and completely new players are rare.

There have been couple pvp-related projects actively promoted org-wide, and combined with efforts to build up closer cooperation in pvp alliances it is safe to say that large chunk of our activity has been focused on NW and BS, a new in our generally pve focused family. However, we've had to admit that game rules have changed.

At this stage I not only find myself unable to encourage any thinking player to partake in AO pvp, but actually have to go the length to discourage one from doing so. Handful of dedicated players have made it clear for everybody in the game that pvp is now strictly Pay-to-Win, leaving no particular reason for normal gamers to engage in anything to do with faction wars or pvp in general. The reasoning is as follows: you can forget about any fee you pay monthly to the game owner, if you actually want to make some kind of difference against other players then you have to pay more, substantially more. Pay to Win is an unethical gambling formula where you are made a victim to your emotions and actively pushed to make completely ridiculous decisions in terms of expenditure. In return you feel better for a very brief period of time but gain absolutely nothing tangible or meaningful in the long run. If you have a look at what bonuses you gain from towers, especially the endgame ones, and think that the p2w gamers will be bringing these to battle station, duels, open-area pve, you realize that any attempt to engage in pvp anywhere will force you to play with a very clear and potent handicap. The question is not whether you can beat a player that has paid for towers or team's worth of accounts to sync through (il)legal means, but rather why would you want to do that? You'd knowingly approach content where you know the developer has provided you with a significant handicap. I suppose one could extend this line of thought to discuss whether the current subscription fees are reasonable, plus what you spend on top of it from item shop, plus what you will spend on top of it in order to win. Forget complaining about the sub fees, you'll be paying 3x more, 4x more, or however much you'll need to in order to win for the day, until someone else pays more.

While traditional Red Tigers interests are largely unscathed by these third world business models, P2W does extend into pve further than mere classic pande or gauntlet races: it allows players to become addicted to skipping game content, eroding away their purpose of staying in the game and harming org structure that's supposed to be about working towards many same goals. Sometimes, you can win too hard.

In order not to finish the newspiece with entirely depressing messages, it is with a bitter relief that we can observe and admit to loosing next to nothing by skipping p2w content in the game. From game's development point of view, content such as Notum Wars should perhaps make an impact, but in reality we see we can solo or 4-6man everything in the game. Even without towers, the game is already very simple.