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The Red Tigers of Rubi-Ka


Red Tigers and the Damage Inc are two halves of an old and close-knit gaming collective active to this day. Founded in late November 2001 for martial artists and later expanded in july 2002 with a new tag to cover our non-ma alts, we are a highly social and cooperating family of friendly gamers from all over the world. Our two org bodies are connected via chatbots and significant number of us use voice chat during raids in addition to the org chat. While voice chat is warmly encouraged, out of respect for individual privacy needs it'll never be forced upon anyone. While some of our raids are regular and scheduled, majority of our activity is decided on the go or negotiated on the forums; set "raiding hours" are generally reserved for harder encounters every day, though. We track our bigger goals and events on the forums. Certain encounters and events are occasionally coordinated with our very old allied orgs The Red Brotherhood and Wen-Tzu Enclave.


The Red Tigers balance the passion of the Fighter, determination of the Accomplisher, and the warmth of the Socializer, ever striving towards the Harmony between the Mind, Body and Soul. Only united as one can we complete our journey on the Path of the Warrior, our red cloaks donned, our flaming fists gripped.

We hold the well-being of our members in very high regard, but there is little patience here for the leechers that attempt to use our guild as their personal raidbot - they usually don't last long here. All our loot is evenly distributed between those that helped obtain it, following need before greed principle and explaining the usefulness of given items.

We encourage players to focus on their preferred profession all the way to the endgame and help them with the learning curve, equipment and encounters best we can. In Red Tigers we place equal emphasis on solo determination and strength as well as mentorship and support from veterans.

There is plenty time to take on solo goals, but to properly organise our success with harder encounters all tigers are expected to help with our bigger raids during the two-three daily raid hours. Various team events take place outside those hours at a smaller scale. Member initiative is well encouraged in Red Tigers and you can always count on the advice from the more experienced raiders.

Much like with loot we prioritise need before greed, in raids and teaming we prioritise the org before allies and only then random outside players when shouting invites. We generally do not need to invite people outside our organisation, so if you like playing with us, you should join us ;) Scheduled events with our allies is another story and its always fun to think of things to do with our friends.

How to Contact or Find Us

The easiest way to reach us is to post a message on our gridspace or send a message to the president or one of the generals. Following our old tradition, we hold weekly Sunday meetings at the Cup in West-Athen 7PM (GMT/UTC) which you can also join as a guest if you are looking to join or have a matter to address to the entire guild. Alternatively, you can also pop by our Old Athen orgspot: /waypoint 478.6 539.9 540