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Becoming A Tiger

These are the basic requirements to join our dojo:

  • Familiarize yourself with our gaming philosophies and general org life as described on the introduction page

  • We do not accept people with characters in other organizations - *reasonable exceptions can be made on case basis to hardcore Role-Play guilds or family

  • You are not looking to cause or feed drama in the org or within clan faction, but prefer relaxed atmosphere and swift solutions

  • Treat the guild and its traditions with respect: for the past decade and half we sit down in unison once a week for an org meeting
  • Use forums and give us a life sign every now and then. Long-term inactivity is not a problem here, if you let us know

  • Good sportsmanship: we do not tolerate griefing, clan ganking, and ninja-looting; You should treat all players with respect, ignoring those that can not be reasonable


All in all, we look for sensible, mature players who are dedicated to the Clan faction. We recruit players from all timezones, being represented in EU and US hours more or less evenly depending on season. There is no lower level limit, or specific level of activity or experience requirement. If you've verified that our guild seems like it would suit you, posting an application thread on recruitment boards is the easiest way to apply. Alternatively, you can also contact one of our recruiting officers through an org member you may come across.  That member can then either handle the interview or direct you to someone who will.